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The company held the "May 4th" youth day activity
Release Date: 2018-05-05 17:48:12      Views:


   In order to liven up the atmosphere of the company, enrich the life of young employees, build a platform for mutual exchanges, enhance friendship, share work experience, and show the positive spirit of young employees. On the occasion of the "May 4th" youth festival, the youth league committee and the general office of the company held an activity themed "to entertain the body, mind and spirit, and inspire the youth".


    On the afternoon of May 4, 2018, our team members came to the white beach scenic area of karamay by bus and took part in the outdoor development activities, including crab dribbling, stepping on balloons, eight people, nine feet, and eight-character rope skipping.

    Through the event, the youth and vitality of the young people are shown, and the spirit of unity and struggle and positive spirits of the company's employees are gathered.