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The company held the mobilization and cadre meeting in 2018
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On March 22, 2018, the company will hold the 2018 starting mobilization and cadre conference. The leaders of the company, all departments of the government and grass-roots units attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Yin yicai, deputy general manager and secretary of the board of directors.
According to the agenda of the meeting, ouyang liangmei, chairman of the board of supervisors of the company, announced the cadre appointment and removal documents in 2018 and the advanced collective and advanced individual recognition documents in 2017 and presented awards. The company's leaders made arrangements and arrangements for production management, safety and environmental protection, cost accounting, financial management and listing work in 2018.
At the meeting, the general manager of the company, li yueting, respectively signed the 2018 business performance appraisal target contract with 25 units including the production management department, the international business department and grassroots units.
The President of the company, li yueting, made an important speech.
I. clear the task. First of all, the target tasks for 2018 were clarified. With a total income of 750 million yuan and a profit of more than 100 million yuan, there were no major safety, environmental protection and security accidents throughout the year. Three requirements and hopes were put forward for the work in 2018. First, domestic production should pay attention to the management of deep well drilling and solve the problem of deep well acceleration. We should seize the opportunity to produce 50 million tons of oil and gas equivalent in xinjiang region of CNPC and make a full contribution to the xinjiang oilfield market. Second, we will do a good job in the fracturing sector and achieve the target of annual income of 130 million yuan. New technologies should be used to promote new markets and new methods should be used to solve the oilfield problems. Third, ensure overseas income. The company began to develop overseas markets in 2014, and has gained a lot in Afghanistan and Mongolia. From 2018, overseas markets will blossom and bear fruit. This year, we will complete the general contracting of the kyrgyz oil field and the Russian chechen project. We will focus on the drilling of the kyrgyz oil field and strive to complete the drilling footage of 160,000 meters and achieve a revenue of 300 to 400 million yuan. The company should provide strong support and support from personnel, technology, equipment and materials.
Emphasize security. First, we must avoid major safety and environmental protection problems, and we must manage them well. Second, strictly implement the requirements of xinjiang oilfield company on safety and environmental protection. The company must do all the basic work well, not passively welcome the inspection, and be fully prepared. Third, to increase investment, improve the comprehensive management level, increase investment in personnel, equipment, to strengthen the safety management measures, should from the grassroots, to draw lessons from blood and safe no small matter, at home and abroad to secure this alert. Fourth, cadres should attach great importance to safety work, take effective measures, find hidden dangers and ensure the smooth operation of the project. To make sure the company goes public, don't go wrong, remember four red lines.
Third, emphasize listing. From 2011 restructuring plans to build a listed company, the target remains unchanged. If you don't forget your original intention, go all out and go towards your goal without regret. First, complete the task well and control the cost well. Second, the heads of all departments and units should cooperate with the listed and financial departments to improve the level of internal control. Take steps to catch up. Third, there should be no problems in project construction, environmental protection and safety. Fourth, firm confidence in listing. Don't doubt management's determination to keep going. No matter how high the mountain is, you can always climb it. No matter how long the road is, you will get there if you go on. Fifth, the four major strategic shifts remain unchanged, creating a service industry chain, overseas development, upstream strategy and capital market.
4. Requirements for cadres
One is to lead by example. The cadre is the result of the company's training and own efforts. We should love the boundless and put the interests of the staff and the company first. The second is to dare to bear responsibility and have positive energy. We must dare to build a positive attitude and combat unhealthy practices. We should carry forward the glorious tradition and strengthen confidence and the spirit of fighting. The state of mind determines the state of affairs. Third, solidarity. The whole company is playing chess between the organization and the employees, between the organization and the organization. It is for the benefit of zhengtong company to get together before and after coming. No small groups, no small groups, no zhengtong company culture. The consciousness of cadres must be high, and unity is strength.
Li Yueting last call, chairman of the board of directors of the company general manager in spring, want to go all out to expand the market actively, to ensure the project operation, ensure smooth safe environmental protection, stability, and cooperate with the listing requirements, the unit of matter, want to have new as a new era. It is hoped that all the staff and staff can work smoothly and safely in 2018, complete all the production and operation tasks in 2018, and make a contribution to the company's capital market sprint.