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The company held the 2017 production and operation analysis meeting
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On January 13, 2018, solstice 14, the company held the 2017 annual production and operation analysis meeting. At the meeting, each drilling team reported the cost accounting of single well in 2017, compared and analyzed the cost situation of each well and each block, and compared and reported the completion of business indicators issued at the beginning of the year. The production management department, including directional Wells, cementing Wells and fracturing projects, also reported the production and operation work in 2017. All departments of the organ reported the completion of the work in 2017 and the work plan for 2018.
At the meeting, Yin ye, deputy general manager of the company, read out the board resolution, cadre appointment and removal, division of labor adjustment and remuneration committee documents.
Chairman of the board of directors of the company general manager Li Yueting made an important speech at the meeting, the first affirmed the work performance in 2017, the company all cadres to operation project, pays special attention to the safety in production, each work all obtains a good result, for this he on behalf of the company's board of directors, the management team to contribute to the sustainable development of the company's sincere thanks for cadres and employees. At the same time, the existing problems of the company in 2017 are analyzed and summarized, and the tasks and goals for 2018 are determined.
1. Shortcomings in work in 2017.
1. The performance did not meet the target set at the beginning of the year. Market development, project operation, production, HSE, technology, index management and other deficiencies.
2. High accident rate of safety and engineering. Safety accidents did not occur in 2014, 2015 and 2016, and all of them broke out in 2017. We should seriously analyze and summarize the lessons of blood. Engineering accidents are frequent, with 39 Wells having accidents of varying degrees. Safety and engineering accidents have an impact on the drilling team, production management and corporate image.
3. Poor foundation of internal control construction and difficult operation. We specially employ the internal control management team to sort out the system, which indicates that there is a big gap in internal control. While strengthening internal control, a set of standardized management system and financial system should be established to improve the management level of the company.
4. The operation of overseas projects is confronted with great changes, which directly affect the performance. We will strengthen the presence of existing markets and reflect the benefits of overseas projects. The established overseas strategy cannot be changed by temporary difficulties. Only by catching up can we achieve certain goals.
5. The effect of fracturing is not good. We should seize the opportunity to build production capacity in xinjiang oilfield.
Second, the solution of outstanding problems of the grass-roots units
1. Salary of well team employees. The leaders of the company attach great importance to it and set up a special compensation committee to reformulate the overall compensation system of the company, including well team employees. The salary system should be fair, fair and forward-looking. The compensation system should be solved, including the rotation of holidays, retirement, well team contracting, deep and shallow Wells, and the calculation of different regional differential expenses. The overall cost of staff will rise on the basis of 2017. Employees benefit, shareholders benefit, employees' interests are Paramount, and employees' interests should be fully taken into account.
2. Empower grassroots leaders. The production management department will come up with the plan as soon as possible. A clear system of rewards and punishment should be established at the grassroots level. Power cannot break through the system of zhengtong company. As a manager, we must use 100% power well.
3. Moving teams affect efficiency. When the Marketing Department signs the moving contract at the beginning of the year, it should communicate well with the production management department. Production management is highly concerned about the problem of moving play to the functions of the production scheduling, to reasonable use of resources, don't waste resources, resource integration work in production department, solve the problem of removal efficiency is low.
4. Material supply is not timely. The material management center should improve the efficiency, and the material security should take the production line and the service as the first priority. We will find ways to speed up the supply of materials and strengthen the supply of materials. What's missing on the production line? Talk to the team leader. Plan ahead and plan ahead. Don't fight a war without preparation. The team leader shall arrange personnel, materials and equipment, cooperate with relevant departments, and report the materials in short supply in advance. Meanwhile, the internal control shall be standardized in 2018, and the internal control, ERP and listing shall be highly valued.
5. Labor insurance, rest rotation and other problems. We will work hard to improve conditions in the field, production and living, and do a good job in the field of rest, living environment and labor protection. The relevant policies should be sorted out to make them more humanized. The company should develop a culture of dare to do things and make Suggestions. Any opinions that are beneficial to the company, employees and listing can be put forward. We must dare to fight against unreasonable phenomena and evil spirits. We must encourage progress and believe that justice will always prevail over evil.
Iii. Tasks in 2018.
1. Internal control. Good internal control work, management ability to go up the ladder. Through internal control, it is found that there is a big gap in company management. To make up for this lesson, the improvement of internal control requires the support and understanding of every employee of the company. Do not be eager to dream, do not follow the false voice, the internal control of zhengtong company to do well, must be thick and thin hair. Don't worry about the company's performance, don't doubt the capital market, roll up your sleeves and work hard.
Accident control. 2018 should be an important work to grasp, to manage; Engineering technology, security, environmental protection and security to do a big accident put an end to avoid, the accident control, the small accident, have the ability to do engineering technology, security, environmental protection, security work well, to the accident losses to a minimum. In order to control the occurrence of accidents, we should try to reduce the accident rate. We should have the real strength to grasp, the courage to grasp, the skill to grasp and the tenacity to grasp. Do not forget the original intention, make great efforts, the past is extraordinary, create a new era.