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Oilfield Services

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Oilfield Services
Oil Test
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Established in December 2012, Xinjiang Zhengtong Oil Test Company is a technical service-oriented enterprise engaged in oil (gas) testing from oilfield exploratory wells, appraisal wells and development wells and evaluation of oil and gas reservoirs. There are 52 employees, including 9 management personnel and 7 working technicians with medium or senior technical titles.
For assets and equipment: fixed assets are RMB 12 million, including 36 sets of primary production equipment, such as three-phase separators, well-control equipment, testing tools, electronic pressure gauges. Various testing tools can be used for oil (gas) testing and fracturing of deep wells, such as control manifolds for pressure-regulated well mouths and electronic pressure gauges.
Process Technology

DST technology for sand-shale reservoir

Testing technology for low permeability layer

Testing technology for tight gas reservoir

Technology of post-fracturing out-flowing to acquire production for low-permeability oil layer

Technology of flowing back and finding production volume after fracturing for tight gas reservoir

Technical Services

By introducing and popularizing domestic oil test technologies and equipment, the oil test technologies are fully developed and improved based on the geologic characteristics of the "three-low (low porosity, low permeability and low oil-bearing saturation)" oil layer and tight gas reservoir of the exploratory area in Junggar Basin. Such oil test and integrated data interpretation technologies as data interpretation technology, integrated interpretation of oil reservoir and hydrocarbon reservoir and evaluation technology are conducive to an advanced method for exploration.


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