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About Us

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About Us
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Objective: Zhengtong is always ready to provide satisfactory services for the customers and owners to obtain their trust, and it will become:
1.An energy enterprise that is always ready to provide services to the customers and owners;
2.An enterprise that can inspire people's creativity;
3.An energetic group that dares to accept the challenge of the future.
Tenet: People oriented, development focused; safety first, efficiency foremost.

Spirit: Never say die. 

Concept: Development is the foundation of survival and harmony is the soul of development.

Mission: Commitment to development and excellence; self-discipline and social commitment and Zhengtong harmony.

Vision: Pioneer of unconventional energy.

Values: Benefits of the nation, others, employees and shareholders, core competitiveness and fortune value come first.

Work style: Work hard and perseveringly.

Safety philosophy: Never be careless.

Work philosophy: Don't put off till tomorrow what should be done today and make every effort to get everything ready for tomorrow.

Operation philosophy: Make full use of resources, reduce cost and increase benefit.

Talent philosophy: Recruit workers on a selective basis and evaluate talents based on their performance.

Environmental philosophy: Cleaner production and environmentally friendly

Development philosophy: Grasp the opportunity and develop scientifically.

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