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About Us
Development Plans
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"The goal" :
To build a "double hundred enterprises", namely "ten billion zhengtong" and "one hundred years old shop".
5-10 year development plan:
In 2020, zhengtong oil and gas was listed on the main board of Shanghai.
In 2022, Karamay Zhongshida United Oil and Gas Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.Listing on GEM。

Revenue and assets will reach 2 billion by 2020.
Overseas income will reach 300 million in 2020.

Income and assets will reach 10 billion yuan by 2025.
The “Four Major Strategies” is the foundation for the medium and long-term objective.

    Talent strategy: We should free our minds, transfer our ideas, persistently implement the talent strategy, pay attention to people first and create harmony. We should not do what the employees do not want and what prejudices the employees’ interests, and do what the employees support so that we can bring in talents and retain them and that everybody is able to display his/her talents fully.

    Overseas strategy: For the sake of the Company’s permanent development, we need to expand overseas. We should go abroad without hesitation, do our best to expand the market and run safe and effective projects. We should bring out our engineering technology and services, bring in the advanced technology, especially new exploration and development methods for unconventional energy and purchase superior blocks and oil fields overseas.

    Capital strategy: The target of the first five-year plan after the Company’s listing is the demand of all shareholders and employees, and also the premise to “build a century enterprise with the turnover exceeding 10 billion”. We should try to build a listed company, and an enterprise with standardized management, as standardization can last.

    Innovation strategy: Thought innovation is the premise of management innovation, and management innovation the development power of an enterprise. Innovation includes thought innovation, technology innovation and institutional innovation, and management innovation furthermore.

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